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Since its inception, the Tauri Foundation has struggled to cope with insufficient funds to run the organization in the desired manner. The organization still depends heavily on its original sources of funding: contributions from children’s parents, local philanthropists and corporate. Tauri Foundation appeals to everybody to extend their hands to support the disabled children by donate money, equipment or providing voluntary service. There is a great need for trained teachers, physiotherapists and language therapists for support of children. Volunteers are welcome to work with Tauri Foundation.

As most of children come from poor or less wealthy families, so their service charge should be subsidized. To ensure quality service it needs to be more equipped in terms of equipment and human resources. As a result Tauri Foundation would like to find support to cover the large shortfall of overall budget and to purchase much needed equipment.

Further , Tauri Foundation needs financial support to construct  a permanent own premises for School for Gifted Children ( A special school for children with Autism & Differently Able) at Dhaka and construct buildings for proposed Tauri Multi Purpose Complex on Disabilities at Rajshahi.


Support required –

a. To set up gymnasium for improvement of sensory function, Tk. 80,000/-(US$ 1000.00)
b. Vocational training centre to provide employment opportunity training-  Tk. 45,000/- (US$ 560.00).
c. Training for staffs for capacity building - Tk. 80,000/- (US$ 1000.00).
d. To cover shortfall of operational cost - Monthly Tk. 60,000/- (US$ 750.00) i.e. yearly Tk.7,20,000/- ( US$ 9000).
e. Require a microbus (15 seater) with ramp to make accessible for wheel chaired persons/children - Tk. 40,00,000/- (US$ 5,0000.00).
f. Salary support for 2 occupational therapist and 2 vocational trainers - Monthly Tk 60,000/-  (US$ 750.00)
g. Rent of school building , monthly -Tk.1,00,000/- (US$ 1250.00)
h. Fund support to meet operational cost of Inclusive school (Tuition free) for underprivileged able and disable children - One time
     Tk. 1,00,000/- (US$ 1250.00 and monthly Tk. 35,000/- (US$ 440.00) .
i. Sponsor a child of Special School Yearly Tk. 68,000/- (US$ 850.00).




 For more information please contact us at :

General Secretary/ Executive Director





  88 - 02 - 8127333







Bank account :

A/C. NO. 2536000254