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About Tauri Foundation

Tauri Foundation was born out of the sufferings and fortitude of a couple, which felt with heart that their disabled child had every right to lead a meaningful life. Personal feelings of that couple transformed into a universal emotion when they realized – all children have equal rights to enjoy all endowments offered by society and take part in socio-economic development of the nation. Such a realization inspired them to create the Foundation for the well being of disabled children. Eventually, this resolute couple along with other parents sharing the same pain, social workers and philanthropists brought the entity into being in 2003 under the name of Tauri Foundation.

Besides, two special schools for children with Autism & Differently Able and two Inclusive School operations, Tauri Foundation also has been conducting CBR program in the rural areas. This program has been providing home based therapy to rural physical disable children, assistive devices, home modification, livelihood support to the family of disable children, creating awareness to address disability issues etc.


Further, Tauri Foundation has been working to build-up a multipurpose complex on disability. Under the same roof of this well planned and properly laid-out complex, the people with special needs will be able to receive all possible services. The complex will have Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre, Special & Inclusive School, Training Centre, Community Centre etc. Besides, there will be a 100-bed Shelter Homes where destitute and disabled male and females having no guardians to look after them will be sheltered lifelong. They will receive lodging, meals, medical treatment and legal assistance along with the opportunity of engaging themselves into income generation activities in the complex.


Medical and Assistive  Dvice Support
The rural people are poor and they are always combating with poverty  and understanding about support required by the persons with disabilities are very shallow . So, their children with disabilities are not getting required devices for the improvement of their status and mobility. So, we accomplish screening camps and physically visit the sufferer to identify their requirements . Accordingly providing medical treatments including operation support and devices support since 2008. The major devices are wheelchairs, standing frames, special seating’s ,hearing aids, special shoes , splints etc.
Besides children young and adult with disabilities are also getting such support.

Awareness Programs

In order to establish rights of the children with disabilities and address disability issues, Tauri Foundation organizes awareness programs (seminars, workshops, meetings etc.) for the parents, especially the mothers, to address different issues targeting different clusters of the society.


In this context programs were organized on Rights of People with Disabilities & Role of Local Government,  Health Hygiene and Nutrition of Children, Autism , Disability and Role of Parents. Further, organizing monthly field meetings in  villages on Causes of Disability and Prevention & Rights of Children. Members of Local Govt., family members of disable children, local elites and members of civil society took part and spoke in those programs.


Home-Based Physiotherapy

40 physically disable children of extreme poor rural families of Rajshahi are getting free of cost home based physiotherapy since 2010. Before 2010 such services were not available, even most of the parents of the rural areas were not aware about therapy and it’s benefits. Currently a 05(five) members team consists of rehab facilitators and CBOs are giving home based therapy on regular basis. Significant improvements have been observed in most of the cases. Further, training on handling of children with disabilities also given to the parents to increase the frequency of daily therapy and improve daily life skills. The services were supervised and followed-up by the occupational therapists of Tauri Foundation.

It may be mentioned that more number of children of the locality requires therapy. Based on increased requirement Tauri Foundation is working to  include more children under therapy coverage. 


Home Modification

With the financial support of KRFC, Norway and BACHAO, USA - Tauri Foundation is constructing disability friendly toilets in the houses of poor rural disable children. Such toilets relieved the children from hazardous, unhygienic and uncomfortable toileting. It is needless to mention that more number of children needs such toilets.

The Foundation also installs ramps and widened doors in the houses of poor disable children to make their house accessible and disability friendly.


Livelihood  support
Since poor  rural parents are combating against poverty , so whatever services and support will be provided will have no impact on the condition of the children with disabilities. So, considering the financial condition and requirements of individual parents  Tauri Foundation is proving comprehensive support including livelihood to the families so, that they can take better care to their  special child. Under livelihood support program provided Sewing machine with tailoring training , Grocery  shop , Chicken & Goats .

Parents Counseling, Presentation and Meeting:
Although the role of parents remains indispensable for child welfare, most of the parents are not aware of the best way to handle a children with Autism & Differently able, rather many of them possess negative impression about their child. In order to transfer knowledge about different aspects disability including techniques of handling children with disabilities, motivate parents and change their negative attitudes, Tauri Foundation conducts individual and group parents counseling, workshops and parents’ meetings.

Tauri Inclusive School

Tauri Inclusive School (Tuition Free) for rural underprivileged children is operating at Rajshahi since 2008. Under Inclusive schooling program, Tauri Foundation is providing both formal and informal education to the able and disable children of poor rural families. The school follows primary level national curriculum to facilitate formal education. It is also provides books free of cost after collecting from the government education department. The children with disabilities are getting special care and due attention in classrooms. Overseas trained teachers on inclusive education of SGC (Rajshahi) are supervising and monitoring overall activities of Inclusive school. Teachers are also orientated about disabilities by the by special teachers of SGC Rajshahi.


The children with disabilities have improved their mental cognitive level significantly through academic learning. By mixing with other children they are also improving socialization.  The students are getting basic education in fun full environment that increases their attraction to the school.


Therapeutic Service
The School provides therapeutic treatment to the children with disabilities and train-up parents. Therapy is given to the children with the aim of maximizing each child’s potential for independence in everyday living. The intervention includes development of skill of ADL, productivity and leisure. Physiotherapy involves detailed assessment, treatment planning, implementation and evaluation for achieving the maximum potential of movement, reducing spasticity and improving static and dynamic balance.


Special School for Gifted Children for children with Autism & Differently Able