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The number of persons with special needs in the Northern areas of Bangladesh is approximately four million but the availability of service centers or programs to support them is very meager. Comprehending the requirements of these people with special needs,

Special Schooling

School for Gifted Children (SGC) - a special school for children with Autism & Differently Able : 

School for Gifted Children (SGC) is the core component of Special Schooling Project launched by Tauri Foundation. It is a special needs school aimed at facilitating learning of children with Autism &


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Since its inception, the Tauri Foundation has struggled to cope with insufficient funds to run the organization in the desired manner. The organization still depends heavily on its original sources of funding: contributions from children’s parents, local philanthropists and corporate.

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About Tauri Foundation

Tauri Foundation was born out of the sufferings and fortitude of a couple, which felt with heart that their disabled child had every right to lead a meaningful life. Personal feelings of that couple transformed into a universal emotion when they realized – all children have equal rights to enjoy all endowments offered by society and take part in socio-economic development of the nation. Such a realization inspired them to create the Foundation for the well being of disabled children. Eventually, this resolute couple along with other parents sharing the same pain, social workers and philanthropists brought the entity into being in 2003 under the name of Tauri Foundation.

Besides, two special schools for children with Autism & Differently Able and two Inclusive School operations, Tauri Foundation also has been conducting CBR program in the rural areas. This program has been providing home based therapy to rural physical disable children, assistive devices, home modification, livelihood support to the family of disable children, creating awareness to address disability issues etc.

Further, Tauri Foundation has been working to build-up a multipurpose complex on disability. Under the same roof of this well planned and properly laid-out complex, the people with special needs will be able to receive all possible services. The complex will have Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre, Special & Inclusive School, Training Centre, Community Centre etc. Besides, there will be a 100-bed Shelter Homes where destitute and disabled male and females having no guardians to look after them will be sheltered lifelong. They will receive lodging, meals, medical treatment and legal assistance along with the opportunity of engaging themselves into income generation activities in the complex.






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