Able Disable we commemorate together

Message of Founder & Executive Director


Tauri Foundation is an organization dedicated to secure child rights and inclusive society, which was born out of the anguish and determination of parents who believe that their child despite a disability has equal rights to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. They also believe that all children has equal rights to enjoy social facilities and to contribute significantly in socio- economic development of the nation. So, they organized few parents, social workers and philanthropists and founded Tauri Foundation in 2003, which is an example of  labor of love .

We all need a chance in life, a chance to make it better and contribute for a sustainable inhabitance. However, no one is born with choice and many of us are coming into this world with challenges filed with difficulties even to live our own lives. For other who is privileged and 'able': it is our duty to let others live. Unfortunately, in a world full of pace for development and race for prosperity and growth, many are unable to find efforts to reach out and help these ' challenged children'.

'Tauri Foundation' - we need to reach out to more of these underprivileged young kids and we need to expand and create awareness among all to extend their support make us understand all that these challenged children have a chance too. Only thing that is required is our heartiest support and considerate mindset to trench out to them.




Ashfaque- Ul- Kabir