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The number of persons with special needs in the Northern areas of Bangladesh is approximately four million but the availability of service centers or programs to support them is very meager. Comprehending the requirements of these people with special needs, Tauri Foundation had undertaken a project to construct ‘Tauri Multipurpose Complex on Disability’ on a piece of 37 Katha(26650 sft.) land at Rajshahi.


The Foundation Stone of the complex was laid at Palila, Rajshahi on 13 December 2011. Under the same roof of this well planed and properly laid-out complex, the people with special needs will be able to receive all possible services. The complex will have Special Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre, Special & Inclusive School, Training Centre, Community Centre etc. Besides, there will be a 100-bed Shelter Home where destitute and disabled male and females having no guardians to look after them will be sheltered lifelong. They will receive here lodging, meals, medical treatment and legal assistance along with the opportunity of engaging themselves in income generation activities. The products will be sold directly to the consumers or commercial organizations and the inmates will get the share of the profits.

The location of the complex has been selected in a way that the disabled persons can come here with minimum difficulties and cost. Initially its services will be available to the people of Rajshahi and surrounding areas which will be gradually expanded to the benefit of the disabled population of entire North Bengal. It is needless to mention that the project is very expensive and it is not possible on the part of Tauri Foundation alone to complete the project in a desired manner. However, with the patronage and assistance of government and private organizations the project can be completed within the planed time frame.


The people with special needs deserve an opportunity from the society so that they are not dependent on others for their living. I urge upon all of you as conscious and humane members of the society to come forward and extend your help so that the disabled persons get an opportunity to stand on their feet. As a mark of respect, remembrance and cooperation, their names will remain inscribed on a platform to be preserved in the complex who will contribute a prescribed amount in building this complex. In this regard details can be obtained if contacted to One can gather all other required information from our website


We fervently urge all to come forward and contribute in building the complex not only to benefit the disabled people but also for building a humane and dynamic society for all of us. We may not forget that development of the society and the country as a whole is not possible by depriving and sidelining almost 10% of the of the total population of the country who are disabled/ population with special needs.


To set-up a multipurpose complex for disable people. Where disable people will get one stop service. Meanwhile, land for the complex has been purchased at Rajshahi.
Tauri Multipurpose Complex on Disabilities( Proposed)

Complex Project Location : Purapukur ,Upozila : Paba District : Rajshahi , Bangladesh
Program & Services of the Complex ;
01Special School – 01
02. Inclusive School (Primery level)-01
03. Therepy centre – Occupational , Pisiotherapy and Speech therapy.
04. Employement Orientation( Vocational) training centre- 01.
05. OPD – Outdoor clinical service.
06. Income Generation Activities – Manufacturing (manual and semi mechanized) consumer items and sales centre.
07. Legal Support – to protect financial and non-financial interest.
08.Rehabilitation – Manufacture and provide assitive devices, create self employement opportunity, modify infrustructure of their home for easy mobility and living.
09. Advocay – Advocate their rights.
10. Awareness – Organize seminer , workshop , localized public meeting etc.
11. Hospital service – Clinical and Diagnostic services exclusive for people with special needs.
12. Job opportunity – People with special needs will get priority to get job in the complex both in management and non-management positions.
13. Support for higher education – Necessary support will be given for enrolment in higher education. Further, necessary support may be given to continue education.
14. Shelter Home – To provide residential, food and  medical support to disable people   who have no one to take care after the death of their parents.
15. Prevention of Disability : Create mass awareness about pre–peri-post natal care through group and individual communication and follow-up.
16. Training Centre- To develop professionals (medical and non-medical) to increse localised service for the people with special needs.


Report on Foundation Stone Laying Program of Complex


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