Special Schooling

Able Disable we commemorate together

School for Gifted Children (SGC) - a special school for children with Autism & Differently Able :

School for Gifted Children (SGC) is the core component of Special Schooling Project launched by Tauri Foundation. It is a special needs school aimed at facilitating learning of children with Autism & Differently Able and advances their rights in the community. Tauri Foundation operates two branches of SGC - one at its head office in Lalmatia, Dhaka and the other in Rajshahi.


The school caters for the education and life skills needs of children with different degrees of disability, envisages mainstreaming the children with disability and parents are counseled and trained in the art of taking good care of them. It follows an effective curriculum. Depending upon individual needs and abilities professionals, teachers, therapists and parents together   design an individualized education plan for each student. The students of SGC are children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndromes & Intellectual Disable . However, almost 90% students are children with Autism.


In addition to academic activities, the children receive therapeutic support that eventually places them in organised behavioural pattern crucial for increased functionality in terms of learning and activities of daily living. In addition to academic and rehabilitation activities their cultural and extra-curricular potentials are also explored.  The children also attend various other co-curricular activities such as sports, games, songs, paintings as well as a program of picnics and outings to improve socialization. A multidisciplinary staff team composed of therapists, special needs teachers and psychologists works to promote a friendly atmosphere which is most important  for development and education of these children.


The students of SGC also participating in national programs and paintings competitions organized by ministry of social welfare , other non-government organizations and corporate. The students also awarded for their quality of paintings , even the Prime Minister’s Eid greetings   card ( 2013) also printed with the painting of SGC student
( Autistic).

To prepare and send the student’s in regular schools, normal curriculum being taught to them. Meanwhile a good number of students were send to regular school.