Abdur Rahman's Success Story

Success Story of Abdur Rahman

In Bangladesh, people with disabilities face myriad of problems in every sphere of life. They are neglected, ignored and in most cases deprived of education, accessibility, employment, proper care, treatment and rehabilitation. Underprivileged people, especially people with disabilities are the most vulnerable. Discrimination and ignorance in the family and in the community exclude persons with disabilities from mainstream development. Abdur Rahman was born with leg deformity in a village in Rajshahi. He cannot walk and used to work in the crop field of others’ on daily basis though he remained jobless for most of the times of the year. He was also deprived of regular works and fair wages. During this period of distress and agony Tauri Foundation (TF) came forward with new hopes for him. TF provided him with a tricycle which is uses as a mobile shop and vends cloth from door to door. Currently, he is living a productive life with moderate income and dignity. Let’s hear from him – “I’m Abdur Rahman, a person with disability. I used to work as a casual and irregular day labor. For most of the time of the year I remained jobless. I felt lost, was worried of my survival and my suffering knew no bound. At this juncture TF located me, extended support and bought me a tricycle to set up a mobile shop. When I fell sick they gave me financial support for my treatment. Now, I earn about BDT 4000/ -5000/- (Approx $ 60) per month. I’m indeed thankful to Tauri Foundation and I believe they will continue in their efforts to empower people with disabilities”. Abdur Rahman grew up facing unhelpful attitudes and behaviors from his family and community. No one rendered him the support he needed to gain self-confidence or to dream of a bright future as other boys in his community did. Financial independence can contribute to the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families. With this notion, Tuari Foundation had extended their hand towards Abdur Rahman.