Mridul's Success Story

Now Mridul can walk, dreaming of a new life

Mridul, a bright and intelligent boy was born with critical deformity in his right leg. He belongs to a poor family of Meherchandi village of Rajshahi. With the limited income of the family, Mridul could not afford proper treatment. In 2008, Tauri Foundation (TF) conducted a disability screening camp at Rajshahi and screened 64 children with different disabilities. Depending on the nature of disability TF took necessary steps to support those children on priority basis i.e. provided assistive devices, enrolled in inclusive school, provided home based physiotherapy as well as medical treatments. As part of medical treatment support, TF team brought Mridul to Dhaka in February 2010 and admitted Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital. After three consecutive successful surgeries, Mridul’s deformity was corrected and initially he started walking with the support of a crutch. But after couple of years now he can walk without any support and can move freely. The total cost of his treatment (surgery, hospital fees, follow-up cost, medication etc.) has been born by TF. Such initiative of TF has brought a new dimension to the life of Mridul. Now Mridul is going to school, and his parents have started dreaming that someday Mridul will complete his study successfully and their economic condition will be better.