About Us

Welcome to Tauri Foundation

Tauri Foundation was born out of the sufferings and fortitude of a couple, whose only child was diagnosed with Neuro-developmental disabilities at a tender age. Their frustration and anxiety transformed into a universal realization that all children have equal rights to enjoy theendowmentsof the society and take part in socio-economic development of the nation. Such a realization motivated and inspired them to create an organization for the wellbeing of children with disabilities. Eventually, this resolute couple along with other parents sharing the same pain, social workers and philanthropists brought the entity into being in 2003 under the name - Tauri Foundation. Tauri Foundation is a nonprofit organization located in Bangladesh whose mission is to empower persons with disabilities through the power of education and training and to facilitate inclusion of persons with disabilities into mainstream to have a life with dignity. It envisions a disability-friendly, rights-based and inclusive society that is free of abuse, exploitation and discrimination for all with disabilities irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity and socio-economic status. Current activities of the Foundation include operation of special and inclusive schooling; creating awareness to sensitize society on disability issues; eliminate discrimination between disable and non-disable persons; providing healthcare, assistive devices, livelihood support to improve mobility and rehabilitation under Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program. For their contribution to uphold autism issues in Bangladesh Ms. Marufa Hossain, Director (P&T) received an award under individual category in 2017 and Tauri Foundation received an award under institutional category from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh in 2019.