Special Schooling

School for Gifted Children (SGC) is the core component of Special Schooling Project grounded by Tauri Foundation. It is a special needs school aimed at facilitating learning of children with Autism & other NDD and advance their rights in the community. Tauri Foundation operates two branches of SGC - one at its head office in Dhaka and the other in Rajshahi. Besides special education for children with Autism & other NDD it also provides art, music, dance and vocational training to trench out their latent talents. Further, also provides therapeutic support and life skills training to the students. Students of SGC are is children with Autism and rest are Cerebral Palsy, ID & Down’s syndrome. Meanwhile we have successfully sent 36 students to regular school out of which certain number of students have completed PSC. Art works of the students of SGC also printed in the cards of Honb’l Prime Minister printed in different festivals. SGC students also performing in International & National Autism awareness day and Disability day’s cultural programs being organized by ministry of social welfare.

Awareness Program

Organizing awareness program such as meetings, workshops, seminars and yard meeting for parents, civil society and government officials to address issues related to disabilities in both urban and rural area.

Disability friendly toilets

Most of the toilets of rural area are not accessible, disability friendly and hygienic. So, for comfortable and hygienic toileting we are constructing disability friendly toilets in the rural area for the person with disabilities.

Inclusive School

Tauri Foundation having 3 Nos. Inclusive schools for the able and disable children of rural poor families of Parila, Bargachi and Horiyan unions of Paba upozila, Rajshahi. Currently 270 Nos. students are getting education at free of cost out of which 24Nos. having special needs. Here, in addition to academic lesson children with disabilities are getting the opportunity to have peer group and improve socialization.

Livelihood Support

To encompass persons with disabilities and the families of children with disabilities capabilities, assets, income and activities provided livelihood support.

Parents and Caregivers Training Program

Training is essential for both parents and caregivers to enrichment their knowledge and to know how to manage the children with special needs. So organizing training program for parents and caregivers after certain intervals.

Professionals Training

Besides on job training, we are also organizing professionals training for their capacity building after certain regular intervals. Where in addition to organizational team members, we also encourage professionals of other organizations to attend the training programs.

Rehabilitation & Assistive device support

In order to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning, improve mobility and independence to facilitate participation and to enhance well-being providing required assistive devices support to the persons with disabilities.

Safe Water for the rural families

To have sound health condition drinking safe water is very essential. So, we provides and installed wells in rural area of Paba, upozila , Rajshahi and Nabigonj upozila , Hobigonj.


Tauri Foundation published a book on Autism “Autism Ki Ebong Koronio” and “Autism Ki Ebong koronio-2” in 2009 and 2019 respectively written by Ms. Marufa Hossin, Director, SGC & Tauri Foundation for parent, special teachers and other professionals

Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR)

Tauri Foundation also have CBR programs in unions of Paba upzila, Rajshahi. The major activates are;

  • Home Based Therapy & Life Skills Support to Rural Children with disabilities.
  • Income Generating Activities for Families with Children with Disabilities.
  • Livelihood Support for Adults with disabilities.
  • Installation of ramps to ensure accessibility.
  • Health care support to the rural children with disabilities.
  • Organizing meetings and workshops to create awareness about the rights of person with disabilities.